Child Custody Consultant and Strategist

Dr Jenna will assist with building case plans, objectives, theme, and narratives that are woven into each child custody case element, resulting in consistency, continuity, and increased impact. Additionally, she communicates in ways that makes difficult things easier to understand.

When to use Dr Jenna as a consultant and strategist:

  • To work collaboratively in creating solutions, strategy and tactics that are informed by and integrated with contemporary social science research and practice standards

  • To assist you in the conceptualization and implementation of a comprehensive case theory and strategy  for child custody cases

  • To develop questions for direct and cross examination of evaluators, expert witnesses, the parties and other witnesses to elicit important information.

  • To organize and write powerful and persuasive content that is grounded in evidence and science  

  • To deliver clarity around complex issues.

  • When there are multiple psychological and psychobehavioral issues in a case that a forensic psychiatrist on your team can assist with.

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Jenna Saul, MD @ChildsBestInterest

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