Child Custody Consulting for Parents

It is a frightening thing to go through a custody battle. The process forces us to turn over decisions about our children to the family court system. This can leave us feeling powerless, and fearful.

For many, the process of a custody dispute heightens our anxiety and helplessness so much that it becomes difficult to cope from day to day.  You do not have to go through this process alone.

Do you have questions about whether Dr Jenna can help or which services may be best for your child custody case?

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What Is Private Child Custody Consulting

Client support is highly individualized. Our strategy sessions are customized to identify your issues and goals and develop an appropriate plan of action for your child custody case

Some of the supports that may be provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Assist with articulating custody goals and rationale, and how to effectively communicate and advocate with all concerned entities, while remaining mindful of what factors the judge and other parties will consider in determining best interests of the children, and why.

  • Explain how the parties’ conduct affects, or does not affect custody decisions, and

  • identify potential vulnerabilities or points of attack by the other party or the courts

  • Support integrity in parenting and provide a developmental-, and attachment informed perspective:

  • Work with clients to recognize and build upon their parenting strengths, while minimizing their weaknesses.

  • Help cope with the stressors of the ongoing litigation so that client focus can be on best interests of children.

  • Support, when applicable, for navigating differences in parenting styles, learning to accept those differences in a positive manner and minimizing conflict.

  • Assist with communicating with the other party in a way that demonstrates client’s ability to support other party’s relationship with the parent and acting within the children’s best interest

Preparation for meetings may include:

  • Assist with organizing information to be prepared for responses to the court, attorneys, judges and other court agents, custody evaluators and other experts.

  • Assist with  gathering relevant e-mails, texts, pictures, school and medical records, and other evidence

  • Provide relevant developmental and statutory perspectives,  education about the legal process

  • Provide skills for coping with anxiety and distress related to custody evaluation, interviews, depositions, hearings, and trial.

  • Manage expectations and disappointments

  • Make recommendations for therapy, classes or other support services to get the client through the difficulties involved in the litigation.

  • Assist with weighing the various settlement options, and review agreements to identify unanticipated points of conflict or ambiguity.

Always available for crises:

  • I will be “on call” for you. If something comes up that is upsetting; it is best to contact me first to cope with the distress before reacting out of emotions

Group Strategy Sessions with Dr Jenna

What if you could consult online weekly with expert custody strategist Dr Jenna?  

In addition to individual consultation, Dr Jenna provides Group Strategy sessions.

Prior to starting  Group Strategy sessions, members complete a needs and goals inventory related to their case and provide Dr Jenna with a list of questions for Dr Jenna to respond to. At the conclusion of each session, members will be able to  anonymously ask questions.

  • These live online sessions provide  knowledge, strategy, direction and answers that will help you organize your information, amplify your voice, and advocate for your children's best interests.

  • You'll save  money on legal fees because you will not constantly need to contact your lawyer.

  • You'll learn to manage crises and communications in ways that don't cause you to feel emotionally upregulated, and this will help you find peace and focus on what really matters: your children!

In the interest of group safety this sessions are divided by gender (male and female) If you and the person you are in a custody dispute with share the same gender identity, or you do not identify as male or female, please let Dr Jenna know so that she can ensure your safe inclusion!

Jenna Saul, MD DFAACAP

For over twenty years, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr Jenna Saul has provided forensic evaluations for child custody, visitation, and termination of parental rights, while also specializing in family, couples and individual therapy for children, adolescents and adults. She has provided consultation in high conflict divorce and custody cases, and, as a collaborative problem-solver has at times helped separating parties resolve their differences without going to court.

When you consult privately with Dr Jenna, we will work together to fill your toolbox with documentation techniques and communication skills that will help ensure your voice is heard. We will complete an inventory of your thoughts, your emotional state, your support team, your circumstances, the variables in your case and the dynamics of your local court system

We will tailor our strategy to meet your goals, while ensuring the focus remains on your child(ren)’s best interest


I want to be with you every step of the way, and, when you have broken free from this process, I want to help you move through the process of healing, releasing anger and resentment, and reconnecting with the whole person that is a combination now of who you were before this whole thing started, and the strengths and wisdom that brought you through it.

If you would like to have me work with you, email, call or contact me by WhatsApp

Private Consulting

You may have family or friends who have lots of advice or opinions, and while they are as shocked as you are with the decisions being made, and the powerlessness you are feeling, they may not understand why you are making some of the decisions you are making, or may ask things that are unhelpful, such as “do you even have an attorney?”

Together we can help you be prepared legally and emotionally to deal with the pain and anxiety and feelings of unfairness, so that you can stop obsessing about your case,  achieve some peace of mind, and focus on what is most important: your children’s best interests. We will help you focus on your children. We can find ways that work for you to be heard, as you advocate for  your children’s best interests rather than become reactionary to the custody dispute process.

I can also help you prepare your best legal argument for your custody lawyer. We will discuss how to document your evidence, and evaluate what evidence is most important. We can organize the evidence for your hearings and trials. We will get you prepared for any hurdles that may come up in trying to present your evidence. Together, we can help you be prepared for child custody evaluators, GALs and court so that these processes are less anxiety provoking. If you are being deposed, or if your case is going to trial, we can make sure your evidence and your mindset are ready.

We will examine communications between yourself and your ex and explore ways to make this communication more effective and less emotional for you.   Your kids are going to have thoughts, feelings, and questions, and we can discuss developmentally appropriate ways to communicate with them. And, we can discuss how to handle talking about your situation with friends and how to address issues on social media.

This is all about making sure you are able to maintain a parenting mindset through this process and continue to advocate for the best interest of your children. We can discuss proposals for parenting that are outside the box, and why they may be a better fit than “co-parenting” if the dynamics between you and your ex make co-parenting too conflictual.

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