Expert Witness

How to use Dr Jenna as an Expert Witness:

  • Neutral Expert (for example, in her role as a court-appointed Child Custody Evaluator)

  • Retained Expert (for example, a reviewer of the forensic work product of other evaluators).

Custody evaluations can increase conflict and heighten the red alert state for children and families.

  • This is a painful side effect of custody evaluations.

  • Dr. Jenna utilizes a hybrid model for custody evaluations that uses consensual dispute resolution (and shuttle diplomacy when indicated)

  • The hybrid model forces the evaluator to engage the process in a way that looks for ways to minimize the divisiveness of the process, and helps the evaluator to truly act in the best interest of children and families.

Board-certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist with forensic expertise

Dr Jenna has provided expert consultation and testimony throughout her 20 year career. She is an expert in child custody, custody disputes, forensic procedure and reasoning, but she is more than a “hired gun;” Her expertise includes clinical treatment of children, adolescents and families affected by divorce and custody processes; she effectively brings these insights into her work in forensics.

Why use Dr Jenna as an Expert Witness?

Dr Jenna communicates complex information in a simple and understandable way

Her expertise and knowledge is psychologically and developmentally informed

She is diligent and thorough when gathering information

She writes comprehensive, well-formulated written reports.

Dr Jenna delivers effective value that far exceeds others in forensic custody consulting because she:

  • Is confident and crediblein the courtroom, on the witness stand and functioning in the context of litigation.

  • Has extensive experience in reviewing and critiquing the work product of other clinicians.

  • Understands the differences between forensic reasoning and clinical reasoning and has a great breadth of experience with doing both

  • Is well-versed in family law, legal procedure, and trial procedure; and

  • Dr Jenna utilizes an evidence-based, experience-supported hybrid model of evaluations that reduce the adverse effects that a custody evaluation inevitably imposes upon a family. This leads to an outcome that is focused on the best possible outcome for children and their families


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