Child Custody Consulting

Strategy Sessions

With Dr Jenna

What is important to you?

Your Child(ren)’s Best Interest!

Group Strategy Child Custody Consulting Sessions with Dr Jenna:

  • Prepare Your Custody Case

  • Save Money

  • Reduce Distress

Group Strategy Child Custody Sessions:

  • Before Joining Groups: Complete a needs and goals inventory  

  • Before Each Session: Provide a list of questions for Dr Jenna to respond to.

  • During each session:  anonymously ask follow up and new additional questions

Live online child custody strategy sessions provide knowledge, strategy, direction and answers to help you:

  • Organize your information

  • Amplify your voice

  • Advocate for your child(ren)'s best interests.

  • Save money on legal fees because you will not constantly need to contact your lawyer.

  • Learn to manage crises without become emotionally overwhelmed

  • Communicate effectively with your ex, your attorney,  court agents and agencies

  • Build resilience in your children as they cope with divorce

  • Find peace of mind and focus on what really matters—your children!

In the interest of group safety these child custody group strategy sessions are divided by gender (male and female) If you and the person you are in a custody dispute with share the same gender identity, or you do not identify as male or female, please let Dr Jenna know so that she can ensure your safe inclusion!


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