Child Custody Case Consultant


Expert Witness

Jenna Saul, MD

Board-Certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Forensic Services     provided throughout the United States

Case Consultant & Strategist

Do you want to present your case in the most compelling manner possible? To build powerful narratives and amplify the psychological elements of your case? It is key that the psychological issues be clearly understood by the court.

Dr Jenna will:

  • Identify objectives, themes, and narratives

  • Collect and organize data

  • Prepare and articulate a focused and persuasive case

Dr Jenna will also ensure that information is presented in a way that is:

  • internally consistent with the facts of the case

  • aligned with the science of psychodevelopment

Expert Witness

  • Would a compelling expert witness help tell your story?

  • Do you require an experienced and accomplished witness on vital psychologically relevant matters?

  • Do you need a rebuttal expert to help educate the Court about the weaknesses and strengths of a child custody evaluation?

Dr Jenna is an experienced witness:

  • her reports are thorough

  • her methods are consistent with best practices and ethical principles

  • she will testify in a compelling and credible manner that ensures strong advocacy.

For Parents:

It is never easy navigating a custody battle and it can be easy to feel that you are alone and overwhelmed. No matter where you are at, I will meet you there. You do not have to face this alone.

As your personal consultant, I can prepare you legally and emotionally to deal with the pain, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm.  You can stop obsessing about your case. I will empower you to achieve some peace of mind so that you can focus on what is most important: your children’s best interests.

Custody Disputes with High Conflict Exes

Divorcing a high conflict individual can lead us to feel  powerless and out of control,  judged, and misunderstood. These cases are often highly complex and  litigious I can help you navigate in a way that will minimize the distress and help reduce your legal costs.

Group Strategy Sessions

What if you could consult online with expert custody strategist Dr Jenna once a week?  

  • These live online sessions provide  knowledge, strategy, direction, and answers that will help you organize your information, amplify your voice, and advocate for your children's best interests.

  • You'll save money on legal fees because you will not constantly need to contact your lawyer.

  • You'll learn to manage crises and communications in ways that don't cause you to feel emotionally upregulated, and this will help you find peace and focus on what really matters: your children!

In the interest of group safety this sessions are divided by gender (male and female) If you and the person you are in a custody dispute with share the same gender identity, or you do not identify as male or female, please let Dr Jenna know so that she can ensure your safe inclusion!

Forensic practice provided throughout the United States.

Licensed in Wisconsin


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